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Seamless Integration

Bluecore’s audience and experience engine integrates seamlessly into your site, ad platforms and workflows. Build and push dynamic audiences to your digital advertising accounts in just a few clicks, using existing campaign management, attribution and reporting workflows.

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The Best Audiences

Combine site activity, CRM identifiers and predictive analytics to generate the most powerful audiences available anywhere. Craft customized messages and offers based on customer lifecycle stage, lifetime value and propensity to buy specific categories or products.

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Coordinate personalization logic across social, search and display to maximize the effectiveness of your interactions with customers and reach them when and where they will be most receptive. Tailor your messaging on each platform based on a customer’s predicted behavior.


Display Advertising

The Best Audiences and Experiences

Advance your display advertising game by incorporating the best audiences and experiences in your bidder. Bluecore brings advanced programs – way above and beyond basic product retargeting and cart abandonment. Personalize messaging to customers wherever they are with dynamic creative and unique product recommendations.


Supercharge your custom audiences

Target your best audiences on the world’s largest platform. Bluecore empowers marketers to tap into 1 Billion active users utilizing CRM data instead of cookies. Reach audiences on canvas or news feeds based on their previous browse or purchase history, category affinities, predicted CLV, and propensity to buy.



Personalize SEM with Audience Targeting

Personalize your search advertising by bringing audience targeting to SEM. Bluecore ties rich audience data with intent, allowing you to reach your most important or at-risk customers on broader keywords. Optimize your bids based on lifecycle stage, predicted value and other criteria.

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Integrate with Ease

Bluecore integrates in weeks, not months, with no data feeds required. On average, Bluecore partners go live in less than 45 days, integrating directly with your existing ESP and eCommerce platform.

Harness Untapped Data

Marketers gain complete control, eliminate organizational bottlenecks, and drive more impact by taking immediate action on valuable behavioral data.

Launch at Scale

Bluecore’s single system unlocks incremental revenue through behavioral triggers, product notifications and Live Segments with ease.

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