triggered emails for commerce made easy, actually.

What would have taken months of tech and design time to get up and running,
took less than a few days with TriggerMail. We have been able to drive 16% more lift
while only sending 1% more emails. Our customers simply interact with
TriggerMail emails at astonishing rates

- Glenn Edelman (VP of eCommerce at Wine Enthusiast)

Emails Your Customers Actually Care About.

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Meaningful Triggers

Send marketing emails based on meaningful triggers, instead of just sending bland reminders and coupons. By sending marketing emails with information your customers actually want, such as when the prices of their favorite products are lower, you not only increase sales, but you also increase engagement and loyalty.

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Intelligent Products

TriggerMail automatically surfaces products from your catalogue in email. The displayed products are 1:1 tailored to the customer based on their profile and on-site behavior. You can mix and match any combination of product strategies in your emails, defining explicit cross/up-sell rules or using our proprietary AttributeRank algorithm.

Dynamic Prioritization

Your customers are all different, and will respond to different types of emails. TriggerMail automatically prioritizes the best performing email to each individual customer based on what they uniquely respond to.

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