6 months to launch
one trigger? Wrong.
Can’t change or test
triggers because it’s
not in the contract? So Wrong.
Duct-taped integration
between your ESP,
Product Feeds, Data
Analytics AND
Recommendation Engine?
Enough already.

Stop integrating.
Start marketing.

What makes Bluecore different from every other advanced ecommerce triggering solution on the market? Just about everything. You can launch it in days, not months. It triggers in real time, not “sorta kinda almost” real time. And you can test and tweak every trigger to your heart’s desire.

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Meet Phil.

He has a badass moped.
And he loves Bluecore so much it hurts.

You’ll heart Bluecore, too. Here’s why.

We integrate easier

Bluecore integrates in days, not months, with no need for data feeds. And, we work right alongside your existing email service provider.

We track and trigger in real-time

Bluecore not only tracks your customer, but also your catalog behavior — delivering the next generation of triggers (like price drop or search abandonment emails) at exactly the right time — completely personalized.

We’re here just for you

Bluecore is more like a partnership than a product. Our team is with you at every step, from strategy to implementation, execution to optimization. It’s pretty awesome, truthfully.

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